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Balance your time.
Reclaim your space.
Clear your path forward.

- Laura Le Blanc


A mastermind group for women who want to find balance in their life, feel more organized in their space and build a non-judgmental
community of support.

The mission:

To help women clear the path to true happiness.

What the collective is all about.


You're unique and we'll never try and put you in a box. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to organizing, working together we will build on each other's strengths.


Your mindset is a priority worth focusing on.

We'll help you prioritize the important things and build boundaries around the rest.


We can't be perfect all the time, but no one wants to stay stuck. This collective serves as a place to share your struggles and keep pushing each other towards our next best steps.


What's Included?

Weekly Connection

Once a week for 12-weeks, we meet by video conference and collectively work towards a happy life balance and organized home in a non-judgmental community with supportive women at its core.


The next cohort begins on Thursday, March 18th. Class time is 1:30 Eastern Time.

Note: class session recordings will be available if you miss a session.


During our time together, you'll learn how to use organizing as a method to clear your space and mind to align to your full potential.

Our journey will include organizing the spaces in your home where you need to relax, refresh, recharge and create!

You'll have the opportunity to share the challenges you face in your space and will get step-by-step instructions on how to overcome them.

Throughout our 12-weeks together, you will be able to organize the most important spaces in your home and learn the secrets to feeling organized and in control.

Self Care

Far from a chore, this journey is all about learning to show up for yourself like you do for everyone else.


Each week through our group video calls, you'll be introduced to new mindset concepts that will help you break down your barriers to feeling balanced and how you can create strategies for transformation.


You'll learn how to use organizing as a method of self-care and a way to find your focus.

Weekly Activities

After each session you'll get activities to begin implementing the work right away and support from Laura and the virtual collective community between sessions

These activities are designed to fit into your already busy life without adding to your stress. Instead of adding to your already busy to-do list, you'll learn how to save time on unimportant tasks and how to focus your energy in a way that fuels


The Organized Collective will:


  • Allow you to dream without limits.


  • Teach you how to declutter your space while clearing your mind.


  • Help you plan your path forward in your space and in the world and organize your home in a w


  • Shift your perception of time so you can stop feeling like you don't have enough of it.


  • Show you how to create space. In your home, in your heart and in your mind.


  • Make life easier: Through our collective community of support we will build each other up, push each other forward and make it easy to let go of the things no longer serving us.

The Collective is purposely designed to be an intimate group of supportive women, so space is l


Find your focus on what life truly has to offer.

- Laura Le Blanc

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The next cohort of The Organized Collective begins March 18th! Get the accountability you need to reach all your home goals!


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What my clients are saying . . .

"It was really comforting knowing I was reaching out to someone who understood the struggle as a mom. Laura’s energy was super inviting and she made me want to learn more. She was so down to earth at our first meeting and her confidence and clear process of how to get things done showed her experience and no-nonsense work ethic.

The fact that she knew exactly what needed to be done and offered no judgement made it so easy to feel comfortable with the process."



Kaveeta Ajwani

October 2020

"Laura’s energy and willingness to listen is remarkable and really makes her services stand out from other options. The belief that I matter and what I do is important sold me on working with her. She helped me break down the challenges in my head and gave me homework that was easy enough, yet very impactful. Since starting working with her, I’ve been able to create a vision for my home which really enforces that what am doing is following the path I’ve always wanted. I recommend working with Laura because she’s a wonderful guide – she listens and brainstorms on the spot with you - she's genuine!"

Laura Spragge

May 2020

"As a mom of two little ones with another on the way, I hardly ever get a break. I find it so hard to stay on top of the mess when my girls are always around and was feeling really overwhelmed until I started working with Laura. She helped me organize my entire house, but more than that, she taught me how to get clear about what I really wanted from my home and family. She helped me set realistic standards and expectations that helped manage my stress and create necessary boundaries to prevent burnout. I am so much more present now and have way more patience. Laura is so much more than a home organizer."

Shaun Gorrie

Feb. 2020