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3 Sprouts Bath Storage

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Designer: 3 Sprouts

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When it comes to tight spaces, showers and bathtubs take the cake.

This is where everything needs to have a specific place, which can be hard when your child has bath toys, soap, shampoo/conditioner, washcloths, and more!

3 Sprouts bath storage makes storing these items a breeze with their fun animal hanging bags. This colourful animal comes with a suction cup that can stick to most tile or glass surfaces. This caddy not only offers a mesh pocket to help all your items dry out after bathtime, but it also makes it easy to see what is inside.

This storage option even helps make it fun for kids to tidy up after bath time as they can easily stuff the pocket themselves.

Height: 15”
Width: 14.5”

100% synthetic rubber (neoprene)
100% polyester

Care instructions:
Spot clean only