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3 Sprouts Storage Box

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Designer: 3 Sprouts

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Organizing children’s things can sometimes be an uphill battle as parents want things put away, and children want everything out. Luckily, these adorable, sturdy, functional canvas storage bins appeal to both sides!

As a storage solution, these bins fit perfectly in many cube organizers (including the popular Ikea Kalax storage shelf), and they hold a lot of items. With cardboard reinforced canvas, these bins can easily bear the weight of your child's toys, books, art supplies, and more.

With fun, vibrant animals on the front, your child will love helping to tidy up and having a special place for all of their things, helping to foster independence. Plus, these animals are a great addition to any play space or bedroom.

Height: 13”
Width: 13”
Depth: 13”

100% polyester
100% polyester felt applique

Care instructions:
Spot clean only