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iDesign Stackable Kitchen Binz 16 x 8 x 3

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Designer: iDesign

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Kitchen cabinets can be tricky to organize. With so many different shaped utensils and packages, it can be hard to make everything fit nicely, and it’s hard to keep them organized when you have to get things deep at the back. These kitchen bins are designed to fit the depth of your pantry cabinets to help group items and organize things all the way to the back.

Designed with clear sturdy plastic and handles on each side, the bins can quickly move around to reorganize, clean or even help set the table.  

Perfect for organizing both kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. These bins would also be convenient to hold arts and crafts supplies because they are easy to transport from room to room. 

Size: 16” x 8” x 3” (0.28 cu-ft)