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Evie 7-10 Compartment Shoe Organizer

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Designer: iDesign

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Shoes easily get cluttered on a closet floor. Luckily, this hanging shoe organizer is a great way to organize your shoes without cluttering up your closet. 

This organizer holds between 7 and 10 pairs of shoes. The shelves are adjustable, making it easy to store those bulkier pairs. There are four hanging loops on the side, a great place to hang your coat or other items that need to be hung. 

While this closet organizer is designed for shoes, it also works great for storing t-shirts or small clothes and blankets in baby closets.

Easy installation makes this organizer everything you need. Simply hook the two provided hooks over your closet rod, and you’re ready to get organized. 

Use in combination with the Evie View Front Slim Drawer to create a beautiful hanging drawer system.

Size: 12” x 6” x 54”