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Evie Double Laundry Hamper with Bag

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Designer: idesign

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Stay organized and make laundry day easier by sorting your clothes as they got tossed in this double-sided hamper. 

This divided laundry hamper has two separate compartments, perfect for keeping your darks separate from your lights or your work clothes separate from your workout clothes. 

With a hinged lid on each compartment, your laundry will be contained and out of view. The slim profile makes it easy to store in those smaller spaces. 

A removable bag with backpack straps inside the hamper makes carrying the laundry to the washing machine more comfortable. If you prefer to take the whole hamper, there are carrying handles on each side. 

Made from durable fabric with a reinforced bottom, this hamper will stand up to your daily use. 

Size: 11.5” x 20” x 25”