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Magnetic Message Boards 24" x 24"

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Designer: Sincere Surroundings

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Functionality and style make a real statement with this gorgeous magnetic message board. Making it the perfect addition to your home's command centre. 

Drawing you in with the beautiful design and delight your practicality with the option to display your favourite photos, notes and reminders cleverly. Each Magnetic Message Board comes with four magnets to hang notes, pictures, cards, and more!

Beautifully printed linen wrapped around sturdy metal placed inside a solid wood frame makes a unique statement in any space.

Designed, printed and handcrafted by a #girlboss company in their small town shop in Rock Rapids, IA — USA.

Beautiful handwriting typography which says “Notes …” or "Welcome to our perfectly imperfect life" at the bottom of the board. 

Length: 24”

Width: 24”

Depth: 1.5”

9 lbs