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Pantry: Chalk Dipped Ceramic Canisters

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Designer: Twine

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Gorgeous clean lines make this canister both functional and beautiful.

Clean white ceramic is neatly dipped into chalkboard paint, making them simplistic and customizable. With an airtight seal on the top, you can feel confident storing whatever ingredients you’d like. A stainless steel spoon is conveniently housed on the side of the canister.  

Get one in every size to add some new décor to your counter or add a unique style to your pantry. 

X-small:  5.5" l x 5" w x 5" h

small (50 oz): 7" l x 5.8" w x 6" h

medium (67 oz): 7.8" l x 6" w x 6" h

large (75 oz): 9" l x 7.3" w x 7.3" h