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POP 2.0 Small Square Medium Container

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Designer: OXO

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The Small Square Medium is the perfect container for dried snacks such as granola, dried fruit, or even dried bean storage. With sleek lines and flat tops, these containers are perfect for pairing and stacking with other POP 2.0containers.

The clear plastic sides make it easy to keep an eye on supply levels to help avoid a lack of flour or sugar when it’s needed most. The POP locking lid provides an airtight seal and the button even doubles as a handle for the lid. A fill line on the inside even makes it easy to get the most out of the container's space and still be able to seal the lid.

The crisp corners on these containers help to lessen the mess when pouring and the POP button serves as a handle for the lid.

Height: 9.5”
Width: 4”
Volume: 54 oz