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Nest™ 9 Plus Compact Food Preparation Set - Sky

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Designer: Joseph Joseph

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The Nest set is one of the most versatile and popular items you can have in your kitchen today. Created by Joseph Joseph, with compact space-saving nesting design, this set will save you space and offers a wide range of must-have kitchen tools.

The set includes five measuring cups, two mixing bowls, a colander, and a stainless steel mesh sieve and all rest together easily.

The measuring cups vary from ⅙ cup to 1 cup in size and offer wide handles to make for easy scooping and pouring. Both mixing bowls have a broad non-slip base and comfortable hold handles. The smaller mixing bowl includes both metric and imperial measurements and a spout to avoid the mess while pouring. The stainless steel sieve has a fine mesh perfect for sifting flour, and the colander has large holes making draining easy and quick.

Set includes:
⅙ cup measuring cup
¼ cup measuring cup
⅓ cup measuring cup
½ cup measuring cup
1 cup measuring cup
Small mixing bowl 0.5L
Sieve 1.65L
Colander 3L
Large mixing bowl 4.5L